AZ-Armaturen is an internationally active company with a leading edge in special valves for chemical and petrochemical industry.

AZ-Armaturen is an internationally active company with production plants in Germany, Brazil, South Africa,Singapore and Shanghai as well as numerous own sales offices and service centers for example AZ-Netherland, AZ-Rhineland and AZ-Italy. We have about 250 employees worldwide and an export ratio of more than 60%.

AZ-Armaturen Advantages

  • Cavity free - PTFE sleeve surrounds the whole plug.
  • Maintenance free - Large sealing areas for heavy duty conditions.
  • Self lubricating (PTFE sleeve) - No seizure of the plug, even after long time of stand-still - switchable without damaging the plug.
  • All sides supported PTFE parts - No cold flow. Expansion areas take up expansion of the PTFE sleeve at higher temperatures.
  • Twisting free PTFE sleeve - Collar-formed ribs around the passage. Strip-off effect by medium with solid matter particles.
  • No stuffing box - Sealing on extent of the plug. No contact of the sealing areas with the medium flow. Additional sealing to the outside by PTFE-and stainless steel diaphragms.
  • Easy adjustment of the plug - No special tools necessary, even in case of severe working conditions. Hexagon nuts easy to adjust, even when actuator is installed.
  • Solid cast limit stops - Heavy duty design
  • Suitable for full vacuum services
  • Stainless steel hand lever (1.4301/1.4104) - No corrosion, even in aggressive surrounding.
  • Easy mounting - of spindle extension with T-wrench (isolated pipes) - actuator
  • Face to face dimensions and flanges acc. to DIN, ANSI and JIS - Separated pattern series for the whole DIN range till PN100 resp. class 900