For over 30 years the El-O-Matic™ brands of pneumatic rack & pinion and electric valve actuators have been synonymous with a “fit and forget” ideology for quarter-turn and multi-turn valve requirements. With sales way in excess of two million units world wide, the El-O-Matic™ brand has established a reputation for quality and reliable performance within the world’s process industries and industrial applications. Using a modular construction of multiple common components, a wide range of combinations can be configured with high quality parts to suit applications across the whole spectrum of industrial processes, allowing easy upgrades, repair and maintenance with fast delivery from a global group of stocking distributors.


El-O-Matic Advantages

  • Reliable actuators to "Fit and Forget"
  • Safe and easy to install pneumatic actuators
  • Compact rack & pinion design
  • Actuators are made of high duty Aluminum alloys, providing optimum strength and corrosion resistance