Fujikin of America, Inc.

For Products used in Semiconductor Wafer manufacturing Fujikin has pioneered high quality, advanced surface treatment technology in order to deal with the problems surrounding corrosion and particle generation in semiconductor manufacturing. In today's high-volume production environments, killer particles as small as 0.025 micron now play a large role in robbing fabs of higher throughput and device yields.

Only Fujikin's valves and fittings are polished to an internal finish of less than 5 Ra Max. to minimize particle contamination and buildup. Fujikin's ultra pure manufacturing process features superior polishing, followed by a thorough cleaning process that removes all residual contaminants and particles. Every product is then carefully inspected before shipping.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the progress and prosperity of the semiconductor and other high purity discrete manufacturing and process industries where our advanced fluid and gas flow technologies provide precision measurement and control in critical applications.


Fujikin of America, Inc. Advantages

  • Use of 99.5% high-purity alumina ceramic
  • Guaranteed valves that are superior in all respects
  • Resistance to corrosion, abrasion, cavitation