Rupture Pin

Rupture Pin technology's relief valve is much more accurate than conventional devices on the market, especially at extreme pressures (low or high).

Our patented pin technology ensures that your process and people are safe even during the most challenging and hazardous operations. Thousands of industries the world over have replaced their common pressure relief valves with our innovative pressure relief systems such as the Rupture Pin and Buckling Pin. Each of these customers report better performance, greater accuracy and reduced downtime year-on-year. Whether you need a relief valve or an emergency shut off valve, consult with us for an appropriate solution.

Rupture Pin Advantages

  • Rupture Pin valves offer a greater accuracy in that their standard tolerance is +/- 5%. Average results are 2% • You don’t need to break the line in order to change the pin.
  • Compatible for use with pulsating pressures, or extremely high or low pressures.
  • It takes a quick visual inspection or remote sensing system to tell that the pin has buckled.
  • The maintenance cost and pin replacement cost is significantly lower than other conventional valves.
  • Minimal down time to change the pin or set pressure. When you need a replacement, the pin can be produced quickly or shipped immediately.
  • Full bore relief in milliseconds.
  • Pins can be stored at the valve.
  • Reliability can be checked in operation under pressure.
  • Bubble tight seal, the integrity of which is determined after a stringent bubble test.